We re-use as much material as possible and seperate the different waste flows from the garden.

Plant protection

We do not use chemical weed killers. Ensuring good, healthy soil and plants can prevent a lot of damage.


We use battery tools more and more, wich means that noise and CO2 emissions are greatly reduced. We use alkylate petrol instead of regular e5 gasoline.


Our ecological knowledge is up to date and we participate in sustainable trends like smart gardening constructing Sedum roofs and Robot lawn mowers.

Sustainable Gardening

.Expressed as:

  • Our focus is mainly on working in the Capelle aan den IJssel region to save CO2 emissions and kilometers.
  • The use of renewable materials or with a long lifespan.
  • Taking care of enough green and flowers in the garden so that butterflies, bees and birds are helped.
  • Placing of insect hotels.
  • Construction of green roofs (Sedum roofs).
  • No chemical weed control.
  • Installment of Robot mowers.
  • Mulching lawn that reduces CO2 emissions.
  • Watering system on solar energy according to the needs of the plant.
  • Gardena “Smart system” for smart watering and -mowing. Results in water saving, low energy consumption and more.
  • Compost your own garden waste with compost bins.
  • Use the correct types of surface and possibly additional water storage underground. (e.g. well-permeable and water-absorbing sand)
  • Collect rainwater. (Wadi, rain barrel)
  • Use of wood with a sustainable quality mark.
  • Use and purchase of as many low-noise machines as possible.
  • Use of Co2 neutral driving in cooporation with Shell.
Sustainable garden

Sustainable Design

In our design we account for sustainability. For instance, we incorporate planting and trees in gardens to:

  • Limit flooding
  • Give animals, like butterflies, bees and birds, space
  • Cool the surroundings and absorb CO2 by using trees.
  • Re-use of present materials in the new garden.

Sustainable Plan

Sustainablity is also explaned in a different way: to maintain your garden in perfect condition with as little maintenance as possible. We pick the planting and trees based on this assumption, so you will always have the flourishing garden as we constructed. Do you want a sustainable gardener who wants to create a sustainable garden for you? Then contact these sustainable gardeners from Capelle aan den IJssel for your garden. 

Help us become more sustainable!

Rubens Tuinen attaches great importance to sustainability. A sustainable way of handling the garden and the existing nature & materials, well thought-out management and a ‘green’ vision. We are constantly gathering new knowledge in this discipline. This ensures a truly sustainable gardener and a future-proof garden and environment.

We want to become even more sustainable. Quieter and emission-free- machines and -commercial vehicles are examples, but also informing customers to create awareness is something we believe in. We are constantly improving sustainability behind the scenes! However, this comes at a great monetary cost. You can also help us to become more sustainable, we would much appreciate it!

A donation can easily be made via the donation form on this page.

Green roofs gardener

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