Quality Marks

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SBB (since 2019)

We are a recognized work and learn company. We make an important contribution to the future of craftsmanship. As a recognized work and learn company, we are a textbook example for the industry. We participate by offering internships and apprenticeships. Students have a fresh outlook and gain new insights from their studies. The theme of sustainability is also well discussed by the program, which is reflected in more future-proof gardening.

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In addition to the SBB: TRI growth in green is a nationally operating foundation with approximately 250 participating landscaping companies. TRI originated from a partnership of landscaping companies. These landscaping companies considered it important to contribute to the training of skilled personnel. Over the years, more and more companies have joined TRI. As a result, we know the wishes from the field and we can convey these in our collaborations with the landscaping schools. So, you can safely say that the participating companies are the TRI.

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Tuinkeur (since 2018)

By having this quality mark, we show that we offer and guarantee the 5 certainties from Tuinkeur. Reliability, quality, service, expertise and professionalism are the hallmarks of a TuinKeur gardener. A TuinKeur certified landscaping company stands for its products and services. This is evident from the standard given warranty. This ensures that you can continue to enjoy your dream garden carefree.

hovenier helpt

Hovenier Helpt

Rubens Tuinen is a participant in Hovenier Helpt.

Hovenier Helpt is a social initiative of TuinKeur. Making people in the Netherlands experience more garden pleasure is an important goal for TuinKeur. Hovenier Helpt gives the possibility to give garden pleasure to the people who especially need it but cannot create this garden pleasure themselves. Rubens Tuinen has been a participant in this great initiative since 2019!

spuitlicentie gewasbescherming onkruid bestrijden

License Crop Protection (since 2019)

Implementation 2018 achieved & operational crop protection achieved 2020.
Recognition issued by the national government.

Previously, this license was mainly intended for working with crop protection products, but this license covers many more subjects. Knowledge of plants, growing conditions and crop care is constantly evolving and offers new opportunities to reduce dependence on pesticides. Knowledge of soil science and defects visible in a plant or soil can provide sustainable solutions. Sustainable tillage, weed management and pavement maintenance can be maintained and cultivated in various ways. What is sustainable / which solution offers the least environmental impact? How do we ensure better biodiversity? Environmental aspects, working conditions, legislation and regulations are discussed in detail here. For example, the treatment of the Oak Processionary requires this license by the company.

hovenier helpt

Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes)

Option we offer: Working with PEFC ™ wood

We work with sustainable wood. Wood is strong, beautiful and a natural product. By using PEFC ™ certified wood in products and projects and because one of our wood suppliers is in possession of a PEFC Chain of Custody certificate, we demonstrate to customers that we have a socially responsible origin of the wood. We contribute to making our world more sustainable. We work with renewable material of which the trees have absorbed a lot of CO2 during their growth, so you also help to combat climate change in a positive way. Working with wood from PEFC certified forests also contributes to forest protection and healthy and safe working conditions for forest workers and employees further down the supply chain. Using PEFC-certified wood pays off in several areas. Part of the wood that we use has this certification.

More about PEFC ™ see: www.pefcnederland.nl

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FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®)

FSC® is a global, independent organization whose goal is responsible forest management. Its members include forest owners and environmental organizations. Much of the wood we process contains this certification.

More about FSC® see: www.fsc.nl

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VCA (Sinds 2020)

 Since 2020 all our employees have a VCA certificate. Safe, healthy and sustainable working is our standard. We take these aspects very seriously during work, which is good for the employer, employees and likewise for the customer. Ruben is in possession of VCA-VOL.

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